China's shoe capital has been developing for 20 years

Fri Aug 05 2022 jin

    Based on quality, Wenzhou is called "China's shoe capital"

    Under the high reputation, Wenzhou people have the courage and responsibility to be the first in the world, follow the trend of the times and meet the needs of development, keep in mind the mission, and keep moving forward. The brighter the polish, the more solid the leading position of the "China Shoe Capital" industry. In the past 20 years, the "China Shoe Capital" has grown in scale. Wenzhou's shoe production accounts for 1/10 of the country's total, and Wenzhou's women's shoes account for 1/7 of the world's total. In the past 20 years, the industrial chain of "China's shoe capital" has expanded. Wenzhou has the largest trading market for cowhide, pigskin and shoe materials in the country, forming a shoe leather consisting of three main industries of leather shoes, leather and leather goods and related supporting industries. Industrial system; in the past 20 years, "China's shoe capital" has nurtured a number of well-known brands, with 7 Chinese famous brands, 82 Chinese well-known trademarks, and 196 Chinese leather logo enterprises, accounting for almost half of the national shoe leather industry brand list; in the past 20 years , "China Shoes Capital" has built a marketing network extending in all directions, Wenzhou shoes radiate the whole country and sell to 162 countries (regions) around the world.

    The government set up a stage for enterprises to sing opera-the shoe industry development plan, the 100 billion-level fashion industry cluster cultivation plan, the ten key traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading plans and other heavy policies have been introduced at different stages one after another, accurately solving problems and effectively helping; Various exhibitions and exhibitions have come on stage one after another, adding impetus to the development of the footwear industry.

    Let "the world shoe industry look at Wenzhou"! Wenzhou starts again, the next stop: the world shoe capital.

China's shoe capital has been developing for 20 years
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